Technical Skills

  • Although C and C++ are probably my favorite languages to work in, I also have considerable experience with Java, PHP, and JavaScript. I love learning new languages, and have enjoyed some experience with a variety of languages from x86 Assembly to Prolog.
  • Strong knowledge and considerable experience with standards-compliant XHTML and CSS has been a big part of my work thus far.
  • I’ve built databases from the ground up, and have a solid understanding of SQL and XML.
  • Because Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X have each been my primary operating system at one time or another, I’m comfortable working in any of them.
  • Working with a variety of clients, employers, and professors has given me hands-on experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, Apache, MySQL, Photoshop, and Flash, as well as Microsoft Office.
  • I’m a quick learner, and am eager to develop expertise with new platforms and technologies.

Work Experience

Over the past 8 years, I’ve worked on many development and design projects, professionally, personally, and academically. Below is a small selection of some of my recent projects, which I feel are representative of the kind of experience I have.


Over the summer of 2009, I developed a versatile content management system for managing business websites called Obvious:CMS. Obvious handles templates, stylesheets, images, pages, and “snippets,” reusable content that may be parsed as Textile. Obvious is written in Object-Oriented PHP5 and MySQL, and designed to be easily extensible to support different types of content or other databases. I focused on creating clean, intuitive interfaces in addition to an architecture geared toward future improvements. I’ve since powered several sites with Obvious, and found it’s sped up development time tremendously and made maintenance a snap.


Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc.

Hastings, a large industrial equipment distributor, hired me to create an all-new web presence for their company. I designed and built their site from the ground up, using a simple PHP application I’d written to enable templates, as well as page and stylesheet management. I designed the navigation of the site with particular care, so that several levels of content could be easily found.

Hastings Air Energy Control

Just for Fun: Quasigram

When I first saw National Treasure, it bothered me that Riley used an anagram-finder for a task it couldn’t actually do. Given a set of unique letters, Riley needed to quickly return to Ben possible English phrases formed from those letters. But since an anagram finder doesn’t allow duplicate letters, Ben had to rely on his own quick thinking to save the day. I knew if Ben ever called on me, though, I needed to be ready. So, I developed Quasigram. Written in C for sheer speed, Quasigram takes a series of letters as inputs, and recursively finds phrases with a configurable number of duplicates. In the screenshot below, the same input Riley had is given to Quasigram, and the needed “valley forge” is among the first results.